Experience the Power of a BOLD Choice

The Bold team has been providing award-winning security automation software for over 30 years. We are committed to producing cutting-edge solutions which give our customers a competitive advantage. Our core automation product, Manitou, incorporates the industry’s latest technologies and is ideal for a full range of customers, from smaller companies with localized client bases to control rooms with hundreds of thousands of accounts. We believe that each customer deserves the option to expand their capabilities and increase RMR through new service offerings.

Our partnerships with other industry leaders provide Bold users with a wide portfolio of product integrations and revenue-generating services. We continue to grow our technical partnerships to strengthen Bold’s position and, more importantly, our customers’ abilities to provide the best services within Manitou’s ‘One Point of Control’ framework.

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Industry Professionals Choose Bold

JD Security provides security, video, and access control services to Business, Government, and National Accounts across Australia. JD Security owns and operates a Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring Centre, fully equipped with redundant IT systems and other first-class features.

Naskam is a specialist in Electronic Security. Naskam has a dedicated team of Staff providing Alarm and Video Monitoring Services, Installation and Maintenance of Access Control, Security and CCTV systems whilst also specialising in IP Video Solutions.

“We wanted a sophisticated solution with services that people now expect, such as interaction through SMS and email. We also wanted to utilize the Action Patterns in Manitou. When it comes to monitoring alarms and providing security, you cannot have a fail rate. The automated Action Patterns remove the opportunity for human error while delivering more personalized services.”

-Paul Crawford, Director & General Manager, JD Security

“Naskam has always strived to be at the forefront of technology and when we had outgrown our Monitoring Platform we spent a considerable amount of time researching and testing Monitoring packages that were available, Bold Manitou has exceeded our expectations and now allows us to bring in new revenue streams and the ability to provide a far more superior monitoring service to our clients than ever before. ”

-Kim Osborne, Technical Operations & IT Manaager, Naskam

How Can BOLD Help Your Business?


Improve your efficiency by handling 40% to 60% of your daily signals automatically. Virtual Operator lets you handle, suspend, or close out low-priority alarms without operator intervention. It handles assigned signals and enables the Manitou system to automatically respond to alarm events via emails, faxes, text messages, reverse channel commands, and Bold MediaGateway messages. The Virtual Operator will decrease your number of signals, keep your live operators focused on high-priority alarms, and help control your costs.


Improve efficiencies and provide better service! AutoText handles low priority alarms, including LTO, LTC, failing batteries, power cuts, etc. by utilizing SMS technology to alert the appropriate individuals in an action pattern. AutoText can also be used inbound to put a system on test during maintenance or to check if an alarm is armed.


Integrate alarm handling and video into one system through the Manitou automation software with the Video Control Center, which supports over 50 integrated video technologies, including video verifed, streaming video, and hosted video solutions. No more disconnected systems: operators are able to work from a single user interface to improve response, communicate faster, and deliver better service.


Reduce operator error by utilizing action patterns for each alarm. An action pattern can be based on your entire account base, at a customer level, an event level, or a zone- specific level. When an alarm occurs, the operator receives step by step instructions on how to handle it, reducing the possibility of missing a step or misinterpretation.


Bold’s partnership with SCSI means support and service for Manitou is right here in Australia. With innovative new business and revenue enhancing options, control rooms save money and increase revenue on their telecommunication services and keep their business relationships here in the Australian market.


With the BoldNet Web Access system, bureaus can access their accounts in Manitou from any location with Internet access. Home screens are customized to provide important key statistics at a glance, and bureaus can view, add, and update account information online. BoldNet also features a mobile app which provides quick access to common activities and works on virtually any mobile device.